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Fabulous sides to compliment the main dish.

Mexican salad with sweet chipotle dressing

Mexican Salad With Sweet Chipotle Dressing

From the grilled corn to the chipotle dressing, this Mexican salad is packed with flavor! It’s the perfect side to any meal. Super easy and comes together in a snap! Sweet Chipotle Dressing Chipotle peppers add a nice kick but are toned down with sour cream, honey, and garlic. It’s...
frijoles de la olla

Frijoles De La Olla

Would you believe that the humble pinto bean can be transformed into countless dishes? Yes! this legume can be used in so many different ways! It is a staple in Mexican cooking, and for many households, they are the side dish of choice. This means that the table is never...

Sweet Potato Casserole Recipe

My absolute favorite thanksgiving side! Whether you like it with a crumb topping or marshmallows, you can’t argue that this tasty treat isn’t a thanksgiving must! My sweet potato casserole recipe will delight those who love a lightly sweetened mash and a super crunchy and nutty topping. The flavor and...